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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Lucky Girl

When I married David, I was aware of a multitude of his great traits.  I knew he was funny.  And smart.  And kind.  And exceptionally good-looking.  :-)  What I didn’t know yet was how very good he would be at loving our future daughter.  I suspected, but didn't quite know how very lucky our little girl would be to have him for a daddy.  As I have mentioned here before, I struggle with being a bit of a control freak in the baby raising department.  I’m getting better, but I still like to have a hand in basically everything when it comes to Annie (we can get me some therapy for that at some point down the road).  So I haven’t exactly made it easy for David in some respects to shine as a daddy.  But you know what?  He’s been shining anyway.  The fun he has with Annie is really something to see.  And the tenderness he shows with her is so heart-warming it actually hurts a little sometimes.  And the readily apparent pride he has when someone says she looks like him (which happens all. the. time.) is just the best.   David Noble really does this fatherhood thing well.  And I cannot wait to see the ways he shows his love and protection of our daughter as she grows.  Annie really is a lucky little girl.  And I’ll make sure she knows that.  And I'm a lucky girl too to have him travel this road with me.  So, a belated Our Noble Pursuits Happy Fathers’ Day to my partner in this journey.  Annie and I love you and thank you for being so amazing.

A Fathers' Day hug for Daddy.

I am so blessed that Annie will have the same wonderful kind of father figure that I had.  And I know my dad would have loved the interaction between his granddaughter and her father.  In honor of Fathers’ Day, I went back and reread my post about my dad.  And I am further convinced that he would have been so proud of the little family David and I have made.

And speaking of pride, we are so proud of our increasingly mobile baby girl.  Check out how good she's getting at moving around on two feet...

 And the chasing begins!

And, finally, I think I can fairly safely say that we have made the decision to put our lovely, charming, adorable home on the market.  Why would we want to part with such perfection, you ask?  Well, because with two adults, one almost full-fledged toddler (see video above), one dog, and two cats, the walls of said house are sort of kind of starting to close in on us.  I've always known we had a small house, but it's size is becoming an increasingly obvious stressor in my life.  It is making irrational and unreasonable, but I can't help it.  For instance, I actually recently instituted a "no letting the bathroom door slam during sleeping hours" (Annie's sleeping hours, not ours) rule because, despite her ability to sleep through most things, my mind is still convinced the loud closing of a door five feet from her room will wake her.  Every time David forgets this rule it makes me scream inside a little.  But I digress...my point in mentioning this is two-fold: 1) to implore each and every one of you to think long and hard about whether you or someone you know would be interested in a cute, charming, lovely home in a good neighborhood (that we've also heard is a little bit "hip" and "up and coming"), and 2) to give those of you who may get a little tired of baby talk all the time a little hope that I might talk about something else on here every once in a while over the coming weeks (who am I kidding?) months.  May the odds of selling this thing be ever in our favor.

Lovely, no?

Have a great week!

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