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Thursday, July 16, 2015

A Re-Introduction...Maybe

I used to blog fairly often.  If you ever followed me then, you know I would write about Annie’s development, my feelings about being a new mom, and baby-related things like that.  As Annie grew and I got more comfortable in my new Mommy title, I wrote less frequently.  Not because things weren’t happening, but probably because they were.  I got caught up in the actual act of being a momma and lost the time and, to be honest, desire to write about it.  I didn’t need the emotional outlet quite as much because our family sort of settled into itself and I gained a little confidence in my ability to actually keep my child alive and (reasonably) happy.

But I find myself missing having this blog as a resource, as a reference of the road we have traveled so far as a family.  Every once in a while, I will return here to see what was happening in our lives two or three years ago.  So I’m wondering if I maybe should put a little time into starting this back up.  Just maybe.

The reality is that Annie provides me with countless amounts of material for a blog, now that she is a spirited, chatty, opinionated little four year-old person.  She is like a tiny adult now, and the things she says and does and the way we interact should certainly be preserved somewhere for posterity.  It is almost impossible for me to imagine that there may come a day when I don’t remember all that she is right this second, but I am reasonable enough to know that that time will likely come.  Not even the 4,000 (and that is not an exaggeration) pictures on my phone will be all the reminder I will need of what she is like as a preschooler.  So maybe I should capture some moments in writing once again.  Just maybe.

I guess I am only writing this as an introduction – a preface to the blog I am thinking about once again writing.  Because maybe if I write one entry, I will be more compelled to write another.  And another.  And another.  Just maybe.

Until then, I will leave you with some pictures of Annie these days.  I won’t try to catch up on more than a year and a half of missed moments, but here are a few of the summer of 2015 so far.

She went and turned four years old on us a few weeks ago.  And graduated to a pedal bike with training wheels - which was a very big deal for her.

She's so proud.