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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

First Day of Pre-K

Annie loves feeling like a big kid -- actually, she loves pretending to be a grown up the most, but feeling older is a theme with her and clearly something she can get behind.  So on Monday, when she officially started Pre-K, she was pretty excited.  We met her new teacher, Ms. Jo, last week and we already knew a couple of friends in her new room.  All of that, plus the sheer knowledge that she was in Pre-K instead of Preschool this year, seemed to alleviate any first day jitters.

Daddy got a nice first day of school hug from our big Pre-K-er.
Before we left for school, I told Annie I wanted to take her picture with a First Day of School sign.  In the category of "things I let bother me that are really insignificant," I completely forgot the whole first day sign thing last year and ended up making one after the fact and I have never really let that go (I told you it was insignificant), so I was sure to print off a sign this year.  And Annie was completely on board with the at home photo session.  She was suggesting locations in the house and yard to take the pictures, and giving me suggestions for how to get the best shots.  "Take one by this tree, Mommy." "I'm going to hold the sign over here, so it doesn't cover up my dress."  "Was that a good one, Momma?"  She really has photography production down.  Not that she ever has her picture taken or anything.
This might have been the moment I realized we had taken enough pictures. :)
Before her first day, I conducted a little interview with Annie, asking her some questions I found online that I thought we might like to remember the answers to.  Here's what four year-old Annie had to say.

Annie's Pre-K Interview

I am ___4 Years Old _________________________
My teacher is ____Ms. Jo______________________
My favorite food is ___oranges_________________
My favorite animal is ___a giraffe_______________
My favorite thing to do is ____play______________
The coolest person I know is ____Mommy and Daddy_____
I am good at ____coloring_____________________
When I grow up I want to be a ___mommy, nurse, and doctor__
My favorite toy is ___my baby and my princess phone_______
My favorite movie/show is ___Daniel Tiger, Tinkerbell, and Ariel_____
My favorite snack is ___gummies_______________
My favorite colors are ___purple, pink, and red____
My favorite place to go is ___the Farmer's Market (for popcorn)______
I am excited about school because ___of my new teacher____________

So there you have it - Annie's deepest thoughts and hopes as a four year-old.  I am already looking forward to looking back at this list of questions some day and remembering how she is right now, excited that her school day no longer requires a nap and eager to see what her new school year holds in store.
Mommy got a first day of school hug too, as it turns out.

And she's off...
And finally, a comparison photo - first day of school 2015 and first day of school 2014.  *sniff *