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Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Night Out

Friday night, I spent my first night ever away from Annie when David and I headed to Cincinnati for an extended date night.  And while I called my mom no fewer than 4 times to check in, it was really a great reminder to me that while David and I are now parents, we are still “David and Sarah” and time needs to be carved out for us to be able to focus on that. 
We were being complete tourists - taking our picture in the hotel lobby.
It’s all part of that whole finding balance thing, and I’m so glad we made time for it.  We were still back in our hotel room and watching t.v. in bed by about 10:00 and still woke up at 6:45 am sharp, but it was good to put our baby in the willing and capable hands of my mom and focus on each other for a little while.  We talked about something other than diapers and nap times and feedings (okay, I tend to be the one to bring that up far more than David any way, but I brought it up much less), and laughed and acted silly and remembered why we wanted to grow a family together in the first place.  It was wonderful and refreshing and fun. 

And the best part?  Having this sweet face waiting for us when we got back home early Saturday afternoon.

And speaking of that face, Baby Girl is growing like crazy these days.  Or maybe she’s just growing like normal and I’m noticing it more.  As I packed up most of her size 6 months clothes the other day, I saw the plastic tub that houses her newborn outfits now…and tears promptly sprang to my eyes.  As I looked at the tiny onesies and sleepers and even tinier socks I remembered how new she was when she wore them.  For some outfits I remembered specific outings where she had worn it – our day at the pool with our friends, our first trip to my brother and sister-in-law’s house, the homemade photo session we had at a nearby park when she was just shy of 2 weeks old.  Seriously, the way I was reminiscing you would have thought Annie was 16 instead of almost 6 months.  I can only imagine what my emotional state will be when she starts kindergarten or (gasp) goes off to college.  Or does the emotion get easier to contain somehow, the older your child gets? 

Do I still tear up so quickly because I’m new to motherhood or because of hormones or is this the way I’m going to be for the rest of my life?  I’ve been pondering this a lot lately, and I suppose only time will tell.  I mean, it’s not like I mind the emotion or the tears…I’m just wondering how long it will be before I can sit through a Pampers commercial without needing a box of Kleenex (that Christmas one with “Silent Night” playing while they roll through this series of pictures of babies sleeping will get me till the end though, I’m sure).
Sleep in Heavenly peace, indeed.

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