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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Random Things I’m Loving Right Now

I am taking inspiration from some other blogs out there (aka, blatantly stealing an idea I like) and posting about some of the things I am loving right now.  Here are just a few of the tidbits of my day that I am eating up right about now.

I don’t even know if this is an Iphone only thing or if it is an application that is available for all smart phones, but I have been using it like crazy lately.  It is, in a nutshell, an photo editing tool that lets you take or upload pictures, kind of play around them to make them fancier, and then share them with others.   I frequently feel like I am becoming one of those people (i.e., a crazy kid picture poster) on Facebook, so I am loving having another outlet for the multitude of pictures I take of Annie.  I mean, there’s a big part of me that thinks if you don’t like seeing pictures of my baby feel free to de-friend me on Facebook or “hide” me from your Newsfeed.  The tiny part of me that remains, though, thinks it isn’t a bad idea to have another place to fulfill my desire to do something with the adorable pictures I take each day.  The answer?  Instagram!  If you are on it, follow me…senoble!   Here are some examples of what you’ll find…

Morning Coffee:
A couple of weeks ago, I decided I was tired of feeling rushed and hurried in the mornings.  One of the things I loved about my time off of work was the leisurely nature of my mornings with Annie.  I missed that when I went back to work, when my mornings became all about seeing how much I could get done between the moment my alarm went off and the moment Annie woke up, then rushing around with her to get out the door and to daycare.  So for the last two weeks or so I have gotten up a little earlier (or a lot earlier on the mornings I run) to allow myself time to prepare for the day while I have the house all to myself.  I also make the time for a quiet cup of coffee, just me and the dog.  It has been a life saver.  I highly recommend it.

Don't let the light color fool you.  That is actually coffee.  With lots of cream.

Annie’s Independence:
Okay, so truthfully I kind of have a love/hate relationship with this new development.  I love seeing her gaining independence and it truly does make my heart happy to see how much she enjoys being able to get places on her own and do things by herself.  But at the same time, I miss the tiny baby who needed me to meet her every need.  Most of the time the love of seeing her become such a big girl outweighs the other, but I still wrestle with the sentimental side some times.

This Necklace:
David gave me this necklace for my birthday and words can’t express how very much I love it. 

I wanted something I could wear every day, something that represented my special relationship with my baby girl.  And this perfectly fits the bill.  He got it on Etsy and I could not be happier with it. 

Evening Dog Walks:
As those of you who know me can attest, I love my dog.  In the days before Annie we very much treated him like our firstborn.  And one of the things I have truly struggled with these last nine months, as silly as it may sound to some of you, is making time for him in the busy and baby-filled house we now live in.  So on some nights, after the baby is in bed and while David fulfills his new-found love of The Hunger Games book series (shh, don’t tell anyone I told you that), Jackson and I go for a little walk.  He loves being outside, I love seeing the trees in bloom, and we spend a little Doggy-Mommy time.  It’s a win-win for everyone.

Hair Bows:
Okay, so now that Annie has more hair, I can actually put little clips and bows in it…and I have become a little obsessed with it.  As any of you who have had baby girls know, if you don’t dress them in pink, people, for some reason, assume they are boys.  I personally don’t know how anyone could look at my long-eyelashed, bow-lipped baby girl and think she’s a boy, but they do.  And as cute as pink and purple are, I like a slightly more diversified wardrobe.  So now I can put a little bow in that blonde hair and people don’t make the “it’s a boy” mistake.  Plus it looks really cute.  For as long as she will leave it in.  Which is normally not very long – unless she is distracted and doesn’t notice me coming at her with the clip.  If she sees me reaching in to fasten a bow to her head she immediately grabs it.  So long as I use my ninja-like skills, she leaves it in for a few minutes.

These Guys:

I realize many of you are probably tired of hearing about college basketball and the NCAA Championship.  Many of you who aren’t from Kentucky.  For those of you who do live here, you understand the madness.  We Kentuckians take great pride in our team.  I can’t explain why.  And if you live in Lexington, where UK is located, it is nearly impossible to avoid getting swept up in the excitement.  We talk as if we are on the team, with comments such as “We really played well last night,” and we take great ownership over the team’s successes and failures.  So when these guys brought home a national championship, the entire city celebrated.  Some (the minority, I might add!) in stupid, inexplicable ways such as turning over cars and burning couches, but the rest of us by being excited and proud of a job well done.  So, call me silly, but I’m loving these guys right now.

There you have it.  Some random things I'm loving today.  Hope you are finding a few random things of your own to enjoy!

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