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Wednesday, November 28, 2012


There is a new phase going on in our house.  A phase during which Annie likes to cling to my pants or grab my hand and lead me around.  It’s precious and certainly makes me feel important.  But it makes doing practically anything – making dinner, putting clean clothes away, picking up toys – sort of impossible.  And the part of me that likes order and having things done at certain times honestly gets a little frustrated by the delay.  But I’m trying really hard to take a deep breath, look down at the little blonde head leaning into my knees, and remember that she won’t always want me like this.  

There will come a time before I know it when she will prefer lots of things to taking Mama by the hand and walking anywhere.  There will come a day when she won’t want to be stuck to me like glue – when Dora the Explorer and coloring books and dolls will be far more important ways to spend her time.  And I will think about these exact days I’m living right now with nostalgia.  With tears in my eyes, no doubt, I will miss these moments.  And so, I let her lead me from room to room, pointing out stuffed animals and books and toys she doesn’t want to play with without me.  I make dinner with one hand while all 24 pounds of her perches on my hip with her legs wrapped around me like the sweetest tree frog you’ve ever seen.  I leave the toys in the floor until after bedtime, because really, they can wait to be picked up.  And I try, just as I have for the last 17 months, to treasure the moment.  The moment of her being so happy to just be with me.  Because it’s a fleeting condition, and will be replaced by little girlness in no time.

 And now, some pictures of our Thanksgiving weekend.  We had a wonderful time with my family on Thursday and then David's family the rest of the weekend.  Once again, I am struck by so very much we have to be thankful for.

This just in...Annie sometimes allows clips in her hair now.
Trying on one of Papa's hats.
Taking an important call at Grandma's.
Happy girl.

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