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Friday, March 15, 2013

Our Week: A Recap

This post is going to be really picture-heavy, because it feels like we have had a lot going on lately and we have had a lot of photo-worthy moments this last week. The fact that it feels like we have had a lot going on also means I don't feel really excited about writing anything - and it is unlikely that anything I would write just now would be particular meaningful.  So, I give you a March week with the Nobles...in pictures!

We visited Gaga...
Eating bluebees (aka blueberries) out of an Elmo container while Gaga reads to me?  This is the life!
Okay, who came in when I wasn't looking and switched my little baby with this big girl?!
Annie had fun spending the night at my mom's Saturday night while David and I went out to celebrate our birthdays (which are within a week of each other).  This girl loves her some grandparents, let me tell you.

We had a tea party...

And went to a friend's birthday party...

Throwing balloons at Mommy.
Chatting up her good buddy, Audrey.
So jumping is a new, fun activity.  No matter how high the platform.
We harassed the dog a little...
Seriously, he is SUCH a good sport!
And got a little silly...

And then, to top off the week, Annie had a write-in-the-baby-book moment and got her first haircut!  She's been looking a little shaggy for a while now, with some baby hair still hanging out longer than her new hair.  Her hair sort of can't decide how curly it wants to be either, with sweet little curls popping up in the back from time to time.  So we figured a little trim might make her look a little less ragamuffin and a little more sweet little girl.  Did you like how I pulled out the word 'ragamuffin' there? 

My friend Sara, who also happens to cut my hair, was nice enough to work Annie in to her busy schedule and a first haircut ensued.  Annie handled it great.  You never know with her (or with any toddler, I suppose!) whether she's going to go with it or freak out, so her willingness to sit in my lap and just look around the shop all wide-eyed was quite a pleasant result.  I got strangely sad - and a little anxious - about the whole process.  And probably chickened out a little in how short I asked Sara to go with it (as in, I didn't really want her to cut much off at all).  But it was a fun experience, and I think all of us - including Annie! - are pleased with the result.

Mommy wore a cape too so Annie would feel comfortable.
She looks a little concerned - but she was really pretty comfortable with the whole thing.

Playing with hair clips makes everything more fun.
Voila!  Look at this little lady! 
So as you can see, it's been a busy week around the Noble homestead.  Here's hoping for a calm, relaxing weekend, and another great week to come.  Happy weekending!

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