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Saturday, March 30, 2013

21 Months!

As we find ourselves once again on that time on the calendar when Annie becomes another month older, I realize how amazed I sometimes still am that she is ours.  Now that she is getting older and reaching that crazy age of 2 and discipline and rule setting are concepts we are all becoming more familiar with, I just can’t believe we have been entrusted with her.  Not because we don’t know what we are doing – I don’t think any of us ever really know what we are doing in parenting, and I am certain I didn’t have a clue what I was doing when she was a newborn and we somehow managed to keep her alive and happy.  But because it is still, on this very day, 21 months post-birth day, surreal to me that I am a mother.  I am someone’s mom.  I am the person who is responsible, with her daddy, for helping her grow to become a fully functional, hopefully fully wonderful, member of society.  I know I should be used to that idea by now, and most of the time I am, but some days, some moments, it still gives me pause to realize that we are here, in this parenting spot.

As I mentioned, as Annie gets older, new challenges are starting to develop.  She has days sometimes where nothing pleases her.  Days when she cries because I don’t let her feed the cats only seconds after she has told me decisively that she doesn’t want to.  Days when she doesn’t want me to touch her one second and then won’t let me put her down the next.  Days when she is fully prepared for battle in this battle of wills we have entered.  Days when she tests my patience and I’m certain I test hers.
Morning tea requires great seriousness.
But on those days, we also have those moments when she lays her head on my shoulder, pats my back with her little dimpled hand, and says, “I sorry, Mommy.”  Moments when she giggles herself to the state of hiccups because her daddy is giving her tickle kisses on her neck or belly.  Moments when she takes my hand and laces her chubby fingers through mine just because she wants me close to her.  Moments when she puts her little, but deceptively strong, arms around my neck, squeezes me tight, and says, “I love you, Mommy.”  (She has actually said this...more than once this month.  I never knew something could actually make my heart swell until I heard that.) Oh, aren’t these moments when speech development brings tears to your eyes! 

Great love for "Puppy!"
And even greater love for Daddy.
In her 21st month, Annie has developed an affinity for 3-word sentences, jumping up and down (on all surfaces), singing the “ABC Song” (or at least the first 5 letters of it), and counting, well, to 2 – you can keep going higher than that, but she will continue to repeat “two-oo” right along with you.  She loves peanut butter (thank God we don’t have a nut allergy) and applesauce more than anything else, and could survive just fine on a steady diet of waffles if we let her.  She is getting funnier, more spirited, more stubborn, and sweeter every single day.  And those big eyes and that dimple-showing smile keep getting cuter too.   (If I do say so myself)

I will be back later in the weekend with an Easter post.  We have lots going on this weekend, which will mean many great photo opportunities, I'm sure.  Happy Easter everyone!

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