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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Easter Recap (or my Better Late Than Never post)

I used to be a woman of my word.  Apparently, though, in blog writing land, I am no longer that.  I promised an Easter recap blog post almost a week ago – even saying something silly like, “I’ll be back later this weekend…” when I should have known better.  But here I am, several days after Easter, finally following through on my promise.  I’m employing the better late than never rule here. 

Annie’s second Easter was a huge hit.  We really had a wonderful weekend, full of friends and family and plastic eggs.  And we didn’t see a single scary Easter Bunny, so that was a huge plus.  I mean, seriously people, what is it about giant, brightly dressed rabbits that makes them always always always look evil and crazy-eyed?  Way worse than any mall Santa ever thought about being.  Anyway, there was none of that mess in our Easter celebration.

Annie hunted Easter eggs with her friends…

And had a visit from the Easter Bunny (no scary bunny included)...

And got all dressed up to attend Easter service at Gaga’s church in Mt. Sterling, with a tasty Gaga-prepared meal to follow…

She lounged on a cat at a birthday party…

And spent a lot of time saying, “Cheese!” (sometimes looking at the camera, sometimes not).

It was a wonderful weekend for our little family.  I hope everyone else’s Easter was just as enjoyable.  And I make no promises about when I will be back with another post.  I’ve learned my lesson, yes I have.

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