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Monday, October 24, 2011

The Great Pumpkin

So I don't know what Annie thought about the weekend, but I had great fun being all fall-inspired the last couple of days.  I bought holiday coffee at the grocery store, picked up a holiday-scented candle or two at Target, Annie and I had a date with my friend Rachel for lunch on Saturday (because nothing says cozy feelings like lunches with friends), and then we met some other friends to visit the pumpkin patch.  (Daddy was doing some much-needed work around the apartment above our garage which, praise Jesus, is now rented again).

Annie's excited for lunch with "Aunt" Rachel!

And Some Pictures from the Patch...

Cutest sheep ever.

"I'll take one of each, please."

Annie and her cute friend, Hank.

Annie and Mommy sizing up the assortment.

And In Other News...

We’ve never done cry it out around here (you know, that thing where you let a kid cry herself to sleep).  We’ve never had to.  God blessed us with a great sleeper, so since she was about 5 weeks old, we’ve never had to worry much about getting her to sleep at night.  And while she still goes to sleep without much effort at night, naps have become a bit of a challenge these days.  I don’t know how they do it at daycare, but they must be miracle workers because I know from the little report sheets they give us at the end of each day that Annie does, in fact, nap for them…at least twice a day.  But on the weekends?  Forget about it.  Unless she’s in a moving car.  Then, she’s sleeping beauty.

So yesterday after wrangling with her and knowing that she was fussy and teary because she just needed to sleep already, I tried letting her cry it out.  And it worked  But it was a tense several minutes for Mama, let me tell you.  David was out back helping me by preparing the back yard for my book club tonight (What’s better in October than a fireside book club chat, right?), so he didn’t get the full effect.  But let me just say, Baby Girl can really voice her displeasure when the mood strikes her.

Eventually, she let sweet sleep take over and we could all relax again.  I would have taken a picture, but I was afraid the flash would undue all the work the crying it out did.

Have a great Monday everybody!
Check out these jeans.  Wish I looked this good in denim.

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