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Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Cuteness

We celebrated Annie’s first ever Halloween tonight.  Before we got her ready, I kept reminding myself to just enjoy the present holiday without looking forward too much to the Halloweens to come.  You see, Halloween doesn’t mean very much to a 4-month old.  Even if she knew what candy was she couldn’t eat it, not having a tooth in her precious little head yet.  And all this dressing up in costume business is more than a little lost on her.  I keep catching myself thinking of how much she’ll love it in a few years.  Of how excited she will be to carry her little black cat-shaped bag and go door to door asking for treats.  Of holding her sweet little hand as we walk down the street and she looks all sassy in whatever costume she decides she wants to wear.  All day I've been finding myself daydreaming of the future.

But today, this Halloween, was full of oh so much fun of its own.  And adorableness.
Annie's day time Halloween attire.

Annie's first art project from "school."  They are ghosts!

Our cute little ladybug!
Although Annie doesn’t know what today is and was probably wondering why she had to put on a puffy suit and tights to get pushed around in the stroller tonight, when generally regular clothes will do, I did love this experience.  I loved the idea of going trick or treating again…of being part of the Halloween action.  And most of all, I loved sharing another first with the littlest Noble.

Happy Halloween from the littlest ladybug and her parents!

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