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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

12 Months!

I know I've already done multiple "it's Annie's first birthday and I can't believe it" type posts.  But this one is sort of for the record books...a wrap up of what she learned in her twelfth month, just like all the other monthly posts.

It seems to me that Annie suddenly decided about half-way through this past month that she wanted to be a big girl.  Literally overnight she went from walking a few steps between me and David to standing up in the middle of the floor and going anywhere she wanted.  And that's just the beginning.  Month 12 was a big one for our baby girl.  Here are a few things she learned to do or just decided it was time she show off for us...

Walking - As I mentioned already, Annie decided about a week and a half ago to become a full-fledged toddler.  She is everywhere now and seems particularly fond of walking around while carrying something in both hands, like she's trying to prove how good she is at balancing acts.  She's something else.

Dancing - Annie has the toddler bouncing dance down pat now, and likes to show it off almost anytime she hears music.  She has one specific musical toy that really gets her grooving and her favorite song appears to be the very song I walked in to during our wedding, from Handel's "Water Music."  She's a classy girl already.

Teeth - In her twelfth month, Annie's little gums finally decided to let a tooth through!  Actually, two of them.  But, as her pediatrician said, Annie clearly didn't read the book on which teeth should come in first, because instead of sprouting the bottom two front teeth, she decided to make the upper teeth on either side of her front teeth her first.  Sort of like fangs.  You can't really see them unless you pull her lip up, so she doesn't look too obviously vampire-esque.  And the whole process of teething hasn't been terrible - just some extra fussiness and a tiny fever.  We consider ourselves very lucky so far.

Mimic - They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery, and if that is the case, Annie is flattering us all over the place.  From eye blinks to words to skills like blowing on her food, Annie loves to do whatever Mommy and Daddy do.  Among her favorite words to imitate (although David thinks I'm crazy to think there's a difference between the varying ways she says "da") are Jackson (our dog's name), thank you, and bye-bye.

Climbing - Oh my goodness, does this kid have no fear.  In order to ride her dinosaur ride-on toy, she climbs up on the seat and then puts her legs down on either side of it.  She also got a Cozy Coupe (those toddler cars you see everywhere) for her birthday and she will spend a long time getting in and out of it, instead of actually letting you push her around in it.  She's quite the dare devil these days.  We're bracing ourselves for her teenage years.

Comedian - Annie seems to have caught on to the fact that we laugh when she does cute things.  Now she will fake a cough, yell out suddenly, or make a certain facial expression, just because she knows it gets a chuckle from us.  She thinks she's the funniest person she knows...and she loves it when you show her that you agree.

Annie's stats...

And now, for the official baby-book type of stats, here's what we found out at Annie's well baby visit yesterday.
* Weight - 20 lbs, 14 ounces (47th percentile)
* Height - 30 inches (77th percentile)

So it looks like we have a long and lean little one, just like her daddy.  She handled her three immunizations like a champ, but was a little traumatized by the finger stick they had to do to test her blood for anemia.  She was all good once we got back to the car, though. 

Our little one is not such a tiny one anymore.  She seems to change every single day now.  It almost feels like she looks older when I pick her up in the afternoon than she did when I dropped her off in the morning at daycare.  Does this ever slack up?  Or do I just need to buckle up and hold on for the ride?  I'm thinking the latter is probably the case.  And the ride, it is such a fun adventure!

Happy 4th everyone!

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