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Monday, July 9, 2012


It seems that Annie learns something new every single day.  Things I don't even know how she knows.  She is clearly paying way more attention to us than we think she is...which is sort of a sobering thought!  Here are just a few of the new things Annie has learned in the last few days.

1.       Keys - Even at the not-so-ripe age of 1, Annie knows what to do with keys.  She has a certain key (a single key on a bottle-opener keychain…classy) that, whenever she finds it in whatever toy she dropped it in last, she walks it over to the front door and reaches as high as her 30 inches self can reach in an attempt to place the key in the keyhole.  Yep, she’s a genius (and for the record, I just misspelled the word genius and had to delete and start over…clearly, she didn't get this from me).

2.       Tech savvy - She knows that pushing a button on my I-Phone makes the screen light up.  She hasn’t quite caught on to which button it is yet, but in the last few days she has given David and I great entertainment by stealing my phone (that part isn’t so entertaining) and whining until I push the button that makes the picture on the screen light up (again, that’s not so entertaining).  She will then carry the phone around (now we’re getting to the entertainment) until she realizes the screen has gone black again (which, for you non-I-phone users happens after about 20 seconds or so), at which point she retraces her steps back to me, hand with phone outstretched, wanting me to make it light up again (insert Mama and Daddy’s chuckles and looking at each other saying, “She’s smarter than we are.”)  These are the beginnings of understanding cause and effect, are they not?

Okay, so she hasn't learned this  yet - but she loved climbing on the potty.

3.       Hand jive - She doesn’t have to see you do the hand motions to Itsy Bitsy Spider to know to do them herself when she hears the tune.  And oh how cute is her attempt to do that weird finger and thumb crossing motion that you do for that song.  The girl has skills.  She loses interest right before the rains come down and wash the spider out, but I think that’s the boring part of the song too.

Play time can get a little dangerous sometimes...for Mama and Daddy, that is.

I'm afraid it won't be long before she is outsmarting us.  It won'g be long at all.

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