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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

13 Months!

Does anyone know what time it is?  Yes, it’s monthly update time again!  I've debated whether to continue doing this updates, now that we have passed the one year mark.  And I think I've decided to keep doing them as long as I have material - meaning, as long as Annie keeps having lots of new things she learns and accomplishes on a monthly basis, I will keep writing the updates.  It's fun for me, and, hopefully, enjoyable for you readers too.

We got around this weekend to taking some pictures of Annie to commemorate her first birthday while David’s parents (and his dad’s fancy camera lens) were in town.  So this post will show off some of the amazing shots my talented husband and his talented father took.  And while I don’t think they are seriously considering starting their own business, I think you’ll agree that they certainly could if they wanted to.  I couldn’t be happier or more in love with these pictures.  Or my family.

And here are some changes Annie’s been displaying this last month…

Mornings start earlier around here than they used to.  A few months ago, Annie was sleeping from 7 or 7:30 at night until about 7:15 on the dot in the morning.  Then summer came and she got older and the sunlight started to stick around longer and bedtime became closer to 8 most nights.  But she would still sleep until 7:00 or sometimes even 7:30 in the morning.  The last few days, though, she has decided the day is a wastin’ and she needs to get up earlier.  First it was 6:30, then yesterday it was 6:15 and today it was 5:45.  I was able to coax her back to sleep with some milk at this morning’s wake up session, but that didn’t last long and she was up for good again a little after 6:30.  Maybe it’s teeth.  She’s teething like mad, with the front of her clothes literally soaked with drool.  So maybe her teeth hurt.  But the early morning wake up call the last couple of days in particular seems to work for her – she’s been in an incredibly good mood both mornings.  Ah well, Mama has had a really good run in the time-to-myself-in-the-mornings department, and we still have a baby who sleeps far better than average from what I understand.  So who can complain, really?

July 2012 - Ashland Estate

July 2011 - Ashland Estate (We look a lot more tired in this one!)
I may have mentioned before that Annie has never really been a super cuddly baby.  She’s been active from day one and has always sort of acted like you were cramping her style if you tried to hold her for very long.  Lately, though, she is adopting a new philosophy when it comes to cuddling.  Basically, if it’s her idea, it’s cool.  But don’t try to force her into it.  One of my favorite things she will do now is come up to me while I’m sitting on the floor and crawl in my lap.  Sometimes if she is standing in front of me playing, she will turn around and sort of back into my lap, feeling for me with the backs of her little feet.  And she is content to sit there for quite a while sometimes, playing or taunting the dog or laughing at her daddy.  It’s among my favorite developments ever.  That and how she will lay her head on my shoulder when I’m holding her now.  Bliss, I tell you.  Bliss.

Now that Annie is completely mobile, walking around – and almost running – like she’s been doing it for years, her favorite game is chase.  When she wants you to chase her she will look over her shoulder at you and sort of stomp her feet in place, with a big grin on her face.  The stomping feet are, apparently, Annie’s international symbol for “crawl on your hands and knees or walk while crouching down real low if you are my mommy and you seem to always have bruises on your knees from running into things or falling, and pretend you can’t quite get to me, then when I stop and laugh at you, pick me up and kiss my tummy a lot.”  It is giggle and squeal inducing for her every single time.  I must say, it gets a lot of giggles from me and David (manly, masculine giggles, from him of course) every time too.

If you ask Annie “where’s Annie?” she will point to herself.  If you ask where Annie’s nose is, she will find it for you.  If she sees David’s truck pull in the driveway she points out the window and says “Daa-dee!”  And she has started to do a little of the plaintive, “Mama” whining when she is tired or sad.  It is so fun to watch her start vocalizing what she recognizes and what she knows.  Her list of words is slowly growing.  She knows “ball” and said something yesterday that sounded an awful lot like “cat,” while pointing to our cat Cooper.  I know there will come a time when she will talk us to death, but for now, I am really eager for her language to develop.  I have a feeling she has some important things to say!

Happy Tuesday, friends.  Enjoy your week!  I know we will.  Annie and I get to visit Grandma's house later in the week while David attends his yearly guys only camping adventure.  So I'm sure we will both be a little spoiled in the days to come.

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